Cabo Corrientes tomorow

Today is the 29th of November, and Willow is ready to move further south. We may be losing the company of Ocean Lady, and perhaps Godspeed, but only for a while I suppose. Tara is chomping at the anchor chain to get into Southern Mexico and Central America, just as we are. The only glitch is the it looks like there will be some surf up here at Punta de Mita, beginning today. So, what to do?

Well, the decisions seem to work themselves out as we, so we will just have to see what happens. We just need to go into town one more time this morning to pick up a few last bits of food and the like.

It will likely be at least a week from now that we get back on line. That give you all plenty of time to send us a note to let us know what is going on in your worlds. or

Surely you have a few moments to say hello…..

Today is November 27, we are still at anchor in Banderas Bay with “Tara,”
“Ocean Lady,” “Godspeed,” and recent friends Eric and Sheryl on “Sarana.” Our goal was to get down here to find some waves to surf, and find them we did. The last two days we have been in the water many hours at a time and having a blast. It feels good to be moving like that again, we are looking forward to more of the same.

Our general plan for the near future is to move from our current anchorage at Punta de Mita, further into the bay to anchor off of LaCruz. We are in need of some fresh vegetables and the like. Not to mention getting access to the internet to finally get this little travel log uploaded for all to see. Hope it works out, I cannot be called computer savvy, but think I can handle this one thanks to the help Jason Rose has given us.

Beyond that, Bonnie and I are anxious to get further south into new territory. It looks like my brother, Dan, and his girlfriend, Chris, are flying into Costa Rica mid-January, for about a 5-week stay. We would love to meet up with them, however, Costa Rica is many miles south, and much could happen between here and there. We will try.

Our e-mail address: is still useful to get in touch with us, however, we have another one that we are trying to convert over to, the name is quite clever I would say: (where do I come up with these things).

Until next time.

There we are, or rather, there they are. Ocean Lady is the ketch in the background, then Godspeed and Tara up front. Nice……


Bonnie is a very clever girl. She spent a good deal of time studying up on fishing techniques. The result were these very cool fishing lures made out of wine bottle corks, shredded, colorful line and a bit of paint.


Here is Ryan and new crewmember Shem, a very tall Australian. Godspeed was our close companion on the sail south from Mazatlan to Punta de Mita, in Banderas Bay. We got separated from Tara sometime during the night and left behind by Ocean Lady. No problem, we were all going the same place.