Escape from the Northwest gray.

Well, just to give a quick update as to what Bonnie and I have been up to the past months, here it is.
After about two months in Pennsylvania visiting my parents I hopped on the Amtrak train for the three and a half day ride across the country, back to Seattle and Bellingham, WA. I was greeted by a cold, gray wet sky that has really not let up in the past 3 weeks. The occasional sunny day felt like heaven on my pale face. Bellingham is where we built Willow and have all of our closest friends. It has been good to see everyone and hear all the news I have missed. But I am ready to make a move to a warmer clime and continue working.

Bonnie has been in Michigan with her family for 2 months now and I miss her terribly. However, the separation is coming to an end when she flies in on Tuesday, just 4 days away. We will spend a little time here so that Bon can say hello to everyone and then we are both off to Hawaii and work. Two of our best friends, Bob and Cary Derringer have settled there. Bob is a general contractor and Cary has returned to graduate school. It is thanks to their kind hearts that we get to go there. We will both be working with Bob on some construction projects for the next two months. Of course it will not be all work. They are both committed surfers and we will be happy to join them in that. Thanks Bob and Cary, see you soon.

The plan is to be returning to Willow in Ecuador at the start of the new year. There is not much work to do, but some. Once we are back afloat we intend to move Willow a bit further north to Bahia de Caraques as a home base. From there we will be doing some inland traveling around Ecuador to see more of that beautiful country. Then, we will set sail and point the bow west for the Galapagos Islands and continuing on into the South Pacific. We are both very excited about the upcoming travels and are only just able to prevent ourselves from heading back down right away. Alas, we are in need of a few more dollars to make it all happen, so we do what we have to.

I will let you all know how HI is treating us as we go, but again, please drop a note to let us know someone is reading this. Either way, I will continue writing, I enjoy it. In fact, I sent an article to “Latitudes and Attitudes,” a cruising magazine, and they accepted it. Not sure when it will make it into print, but will let you know.

Good luck to everyone with everything. Greg and Bonnie