Willow back in Hilo, for a little while anyway.

Well, we took about 10 days to make the trip from Honolulu to Hilo, and it was very, very windy at times. The Hawaiian Islands are beautiful and far more uninhabited than I thought they would be. We had virtually every anchorage we stopped at to ourselves. We learned very quickly to move at night or very early in the morning before the winds picked up. The final jump from Maui to around to Hilo was difficult. Against the winds the whole way and very uncomfortable. But we made it.

Bonnie flies out on May 22nd for Seattle and then on to her summer job in Alaska. I will be sailing Willow back to Bellingham, Washington, her home port. Will likely leave mid June. Was thinking I was going to be doing the trip alone, luckily that has changed, I think. One of our good friends, Camila Grahm, will be with me. Nothing is for sure yet, but it looks good. She is a Mexican woman we spent a lot of time with across the South Pacific. I am happy to have her company on this passage. Willow has already made this passage once, about 8 years ago. From Kauaii to Cape Flattery was about 23 days if I remember correctly. The biggest project I have to get going on is making sure the diesel heater is up and running. Have not fired it up since leaving the states years ago..

Will do my best to get things rolling here again, but have much going on in preparation for leaving.

On the move: Honolulu back to Hilo.

Today Bonnie and I find ourselves hunkered down on Willow at anchor in Kaunakakai Harbor, Molokai, Hawaii. It is very windy right now. Willow tends to vibrate when the winds get over 25knots, it is doing that in gust now. Luckily we are in only 12′ of water with a sand/mud bottom so feeling very secure. The stressful part being the reef about 100′ behind us. We would not have much time to react if things went wrong, so, we pay attention.

Not sure how long it will take us to get back to Hilo, but we will do what we can at the pace we find comfortable at the moment. I am hoping to get this website well updated over the next few weeks to fill in the blanks, but not sure it will come to pass, I will try.