Day 7… Last of the good beer…

Now is when they need the horse.

The position of S/V Willow with Capt. Greg and First Mate Camila at 19:30 PST is:

35° 00′N, 163°48′ W

They’ve gone ~69 miles since yesterday, but have only come 0.8 miles closer to Tatoosh Island. They are still at 16.75% of the way across.

This is not exactly where they would like to be, I gathered. They are struggling through the interface between Easterlies and Westerlies, and the winds are not very strong or consistent. the good news is that they only need to make it another 4 degrees north or so (240 nautical miles) before the winds shift around and start blowing them straight to Tatoosh. The bad news is, Greg said they were drinking the last of the good beer.

I have updated the picture to include St. Paul Island, which is actually where Bonnie is right now…


Day 6… Tangled in a net…

S/V Willow is at 34°12′N 163°04′W.

Last night the wind quit, so they started motoring. After running over a bit of old fishing gear, the engine quit too. They drifted for 5 hours. When the sun came up, knife in teeth, Greg went swimming and defouled the prop. They motored for a bit, then the wind came up, slightly, and they are sailing again. 8 knots of breeze and they are making 4 knots on course (which is North, according to Greg).

Camila said something on the message I could not understand, but it sounded like “Captain is my hero… cut net between the sharks…” She thinks he is very brave.

They have traveled 152.2 miles since yesterday, and they are 16.74% of the way to Tatoosh.


Day 5… Musician’s Seamounts…

Everything is well on Willow. The weather has completely transitioned into solid clouds, rainy, and light winds 8-10 knots from the NE. Willow is cruising along at 3-4 knots.

Their current position as of 7:15 PM PST is:

32° 00′ N, 163° 05′ W

Which puts them right in the middle of the Horse latitudes (30-35°). This is some sort of intersection of air currents, the Coriolis effect, and water vapor that basically explains why it’s not as nice out anymore. I like it because it reminds me of the bands on Jupiter.

The area they are passing over is a series of seamounts. Mountain wannabes or old mountains or something. The cluster they just passed over is called “Musician’s Seamounts”.

When you zoom in on Google Earth there are many more names, I just couldn’t find a zoom level that would show them all at once. Basically every bump has a name.

Here’s the big picture:

As you can see, they are still heading to Dutch Harbor. I asked Greg about this and he said the winds were just blowing him that way. He didn’t seem concerned about this at all.

It is much cooler now, but they have not yet fired up the heater. Soon, Greg predicts. They expect light winds for the next few days.

They are 13% of the way from Hanalei Bay to Tatoosh Island, as the crow flies, and assuming the earth is a perfect sphere with a radius of 3963.1 statute miles.

Greg suggests checking out It’s got great maps of the conditions, like wind speed, precipitation, visibility, temp, and lots of other stuff. Click on North Pacific.


Besitos, besitos for all friends from Camila!

Day 3…North and Truckin’…

Onwards they come!

Current position is 28° 22′ N, 162° 00′ W. Winds ENE 10-15 knts.

150 miles since yesterday, 2413 miles to Tatoosh, which is 84 miles closer than yesterday. They are 8.3% across.

Let’s see if this works. I’ll try to link to a static image from Google Earth with their positions marked:

Click for larger picture

As you can see, it is blue there.

The water is comfortably over your head. Currently it is around 15,000 feet deep, almost 3 miles. Just a little beyond the range of Willow’s depth sounder I think.

Also on the picture you can see Dutch Harbor, which is close to where Bonnie is right now. I guess Greg is doing the steering. When Camila takes over, they might get more on track.

Dinner was vegetable stir fry and awesome homemade chicken from some sort of jar.


Day 2… Sunny Skies…

Greg says “Winds are 15-20 knots out of the NE, sunny skies, no complaints at all.”

They are at 26° 15′ N, 161° 28′ W at 6:30 PM PDT on Saturday.

They have traveled 123 statute miles since Friday, and are 2497 miles from Tatoosh.

That’s 62 miles closer than yesterday, so I’m guessing it’s not a straight line.

More to come soon…