Change of direction on this site.

I has already been explained what and why we, and Willow, have found ourselves in Ohio, building another boat. So, I will skip that for now. (In case you did not read the Log of Willow site, that is where the explaination is.)

My goal here is to write a detailed account of building not just Willow, but the current project as well, comparing the differences and what I have learned over the years. Likely I am taking on to much, as most of my brain power is already taken up with the work at hand. Well, I will take a shot at it anyway. Thanks to Jason Rose, a supremely good man, I think I can now post pictures. As I am a bit tired at the moment I will not write much more here, just try to get a picture or two up as a test run.

The fact that I did not have to build the shop was a huge step in moving things along as quickly as they have gone. Here are a few shots of what we have been up to here in Ohio.A straight line.bmp