Our buddy Jason Rose recently flew out here to order, organize, install, and hook up all the systems that are ready to go into the new boat. Greg is very happy to pass this work on to someone else. There is a lot more going into this boat than Willow. When I last saw the shop last week, I couldn’t believe all the hardware parts lying around the shop waiting to be installed. Valves, hoses, bus bars, switches, clamps, wires, filters, inverters, terminal ends; not to mention all the screws to attach them.

Life goes on in Ohio. Recently we went to our buddy’s house where they were shooting skeet in the back cornfield. The best line from that night, from a guy that shows up in the middle of the action “Well, guess I better get home and grab my shotgun and some whiskey!” Greg managed to hit a few, without having shot a gun in the last 20 years…..