I made the mistake of leaving the newly epoxied table exposed to sun one summer while at work, without a coating of varnish with UV protection, and over the years the clear finish clouded up. You can see in the second photo how handy it was to be able to fold the table up when friends (Jason Rose, who helped install the systems on the new boat last spring) came by.

Fast forward to Ohio.  Wahoo!   Willow is in a shop again and I begin to dismantle the table for refinishing after all those years of staring at cloudy epoxy.  It seems like every project is always a little more involved than it has a right to be, which is why I never even thought to refinish a perfectly fine working table before now.  First, the small rails along the edge of the table had to be planed off, so that the table became a flat surface for easier sanding.  Easier sanding?  For me, at least, since I had Greg do it.  He had the muscles for controlling the big sander, but it still took him hours to take down the epoxy to bare wood.

At this point we realize that the edge of the table where the hinges attached it to the wall should not have been planed off, as there is now less wood to drill the screws in.  Sigh.  I abandon the effort and head out to work.