I come back to this: delamination. Brutal.  The dry heat of the shop caused this to happen;  I should have recoated it right away.  I had more important things to do on Willow so I ignored it and then just about cried every time I looked at it the next couple of years.  What had been a perfectly fine working table is now a wreck of a project, in the midst of many other projects that were piling up at this point.

After a good solid month of production on Willow, the piles of hardware that were removed for ease of sanding, painting, and polishing were slowly diminishing and soon about all that was left was my table.  I was ready to deal with it now.  Seeing Willow looking almost new again, satisfied to see a lot of the parts going back into place, not feeling too overwhelmed finally, I felt inspired to tackle it.  Greg had an idea for replacing some of the wood that had been planed off near the hinges, so that was done first.  I put epoxy into the cracks and then used up all the large clamps in the shop to force it to set flat. Luckily, it worked.  This photo is how I left it a few days ago before heading off to work again.  Right now it’s still a rough finish, as it needs more sanding and coating, but my table is back.